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Chlorinated polyolefin series resin

Product List

Polyethylene,highchlorinated(HCPE-M)--coating grade

“HCPE-M” is soluble in all inorganic and organic pigments and has good weather resistance, ozone resistance, fire resistance, oil resistance and chemical resistance. It can effectively replace chlorinated rubber in many fields.

“HCPE-M” can be stably dissolved in toluene, xylene and other organic solvents, forming a colorless or light yellow transparent solution. It is insoluble in ethanol-aliphatic solvents.

“HCPE-M” is very stable at ambient temperature, but it will degrade slowly in continuous heating. It is recommended to add low molecular weight epoxy resin as stabilizer in the production process, and the addition amount is less than 1%.

“HCPE-M” is soluble with most plasticizers. Chlorinated paraffins are most commonly used.

Application field:
Mainly used in the manufacture of flame retardant, wear-resisting heavy anticorrosive coatings. It can be widely used in chemical equipment, oil field pipelines, Marine facilities, ships, metallurgy and mining, salt industry, fishing grounds, waste treatment, power equipment, container and other industries.

Packaging and storage:
20 kg per bag. Store in dry environment at room temperature. This product is a non - dangerous goods, stable chemical performance.

Technical indicators:

chlorine content (%)≥
viscosity (S) Coated with 4 cups (20% xylene solution at 25 ℃ )
thermal decomposition temperature( ℃) ≥
loss on drying(%)≤
relative density(g/cm3) ≥
0. 4
white powder


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